Mindmistress: --That guy by the name of Matt, yes?  Scale: Yeah... Mindmistress: What would happen to Matt if the Editor were to truly perish?  Scale: Uh... Mindmistress: What would happen to you--Mindmistress: --A 'creation'--heh--of Matt's--if the Editor's demise brought about Matt's demise? Scale: ...Good point.  Mindmistress: I doubt it'd do anything at all, honestly.  This whole creator/muse concept doesn't make any logical sense.

Mindmistress: However..it's also something I'm not willing to risk.  So I'm going to allow him to heal---but he will remain a prisoner.  My robots'll guard him round the clock...Mindmistress(caption): They'll be armed with space-loop shields, the only weapon I know is effective against him.  This is its own sub-reality.  He can't get from there to...anywhere...until he recovers.



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