Mindmistress:  Well, this is nonsense!  There may be some realities that oeprate under differing physical laws---where magic's possible--- but here---it's fantasy.  Editor: Methinks the lady doth protest too much...Editor: For instance--I sense not far away from your Atlanta home--in New Haven, South Carolina--a sorceress who's also a were-panther.  Mindmistress: I've--met her--Jim's funeral--Chelsea?

Editor: Further North--in Miscellaneous, Pennsylvania--sightings are disbelieved--of a demonic, zebra-striped girl...one human, given demon's form by magic... Mindmistress: Sandra...okay.  I lied---to protect her---from you.Editor: Because you thought I'd take advantage of her--that you, being ignorant of magic's laws, couldn't stop me. The laws of similarity...contagion--and nomenclature. Mindmistress: Frazier. Golden Bough.

Editor (Caption): The law of similarity: something resembling another thing--effects it. Examples: voodoo dolls. Sacrifices to idols. Bird feathers stuck to a broom makes it fly.  Like things share like effects.Editor (Caption): The law of contagion: something once attached to something else--still effects it.  So spellcasters would get hair locks--fingernail clippings-- to influence who they once were in contact with.Editor (Caption): The law of nomenclature.  The name is the thing.  So holy names--demonic names--are carved on objects---to increase its power--to draw on the named's qualities and influence.



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