Mindmistress:  *Sigh* 'Laws' on how the human mind organizes the unknown, not... Editor: Indeed?  Including the law of contagion?  What about entangled photons?  Stupides show when photons once in contact are separated...Editor: Changes in one photon is instantaneously relfected in the other.  Einstein scoffed at such 'spooky action at a distance', yet... Mindmistress: Experiment after experiment...confirms it.  You're oversimplifying... Editor: You're rationalizing.

Editor: This reality's major mystical artifacts in the Council of Three's vault... . Mindmistress: Council of--? Editor: I'm too weak to pierce the vault's defenses---there is an alternative...  Mindmistress: The Merlin Mechanism??Mindmistress: That's why you sought me...you know I have access... Editor: To a machine that tests marical laws--? Viewed by Golden Dawn members like Yeats...assembled by Ruskin's Guild of St. George?  Correct.



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