Editor: I can recreate sounds too... Lorelei: Daddy?  'Unca' Dylan?  You said you needed--me? Steed: Yes, Lorelei--I want to ask a big favor. Lyons: Lorelei--you remember Helen Zion?Lorelei: Sure! She ran that crazy book place... Lyons: Occult booship.  Lorelei: --Two stores down from Mr. Hardy's pet store.  ---Until she--died. Steed: Helen's brother Frederick's interested in the history of magic..

Steed: ---Claims to have a historical item---which--if verified---would be extremely valuable.  TI's in that crate.  Unfortuantely,I've pressing business overseas.  Lorelei: So...what can I do?Lyons: You can help us hide this-- Steed: While experts try to verify Frederick Zion's history of...the Merlin Mechanism.  Lorelei: Merlin? Like in th'Sword in th'Stone?  I love that movie.



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