Zion: Believe me, Mr. Steed---if your experts can confirm what I've discovered--the whole history of mysticism in England and America will ned to be rewritten.  Steed: Lorelei---Frederick Zion.Zion: Lorelei--? Have we met--before? Lorelei: H-huh? No.  No, I don't think so... Zion: Surely you're mistaken...you wore some strange armor--we met at an--unusual venue... Lorelei: What's a...ven-yew?

Zion: Well...nevermind.   I'm obviously mistaken.  The resemblence is extraordinary, however.  Lyons: Armor?  Like the Society for Creative Anachronism?  Zion:  No...more futuristic.  However, this was years ago...and colorless... Lorelei: Huh?  Coloreless?Zion: --My memory might be playing tricks.  Back to the Merlin Mechannism--if they verify Dr. Dee's 'angelical stone'--is the medhanism's 'heart'--it'd be priceless.  Lorelei: 'D' stands for--?

Zion: *Sigh* I was definitely mistasken--- Mindmistress: One thing I don't understand--Zion definitely had met as Mindmistress before.  Yet I don't recall such a meeting---and I can't---forget.



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