Zion: Dr. John Dee was a true Renissance man---both in the times he lived in, and his accomplishments.  An honored mathematician---owner of England's largest library--advised England's greatest navigators.  Lorelei: Ren-na-sauce?Zion (Caption): Dee was also a famous astrologer, alchemist, and mystic.  Under Elizabeth the First, he and Scryer Edward Kelley supposedly contacted angels--even making a dictionary of the angelic, enochian language.  Lorelei (Caption): Scri-yer?

Zion (Caption): It was said that Dee predicted the Spanish Armada's story ruin.  Others whispered--he caused the storm. Shakespeare may have based the Tempest's Prospero--on Dee.  Lorelei (Caption): I'm so lost...Zion: Dee's mystical investigations used two objects---an obsidian mirror, used in Aztec sacrifices--and a convex stone mirror, supposedly given to him by the angels Gabriel, Raphael, and Uriel---the 'Angelical Stone'.

Steed: The Aztec mirror is in the British Museum, but the 'Angelical Stone' was lost to history--till now.  It'd be worth millions as a historical relic. Lyons: Hence our interest.Zion: Zion: Questions?  Lorelei: What's a...ren-a-sauce?  Zion: Seriously?  A historical period.   Lorelei: A...scri-yer?  Zion: A crystal ball gazer... Lyons: Drp the patronizing tone, Zion---Lorelei's... 'special'.  Zion: Ah. Apologies. Lorelei: Dr. Dee...sounds like a rapper!



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