Rosie: Lorelei---you deserve a break. Want to play for a few minutes, while I'm writing up a paper? Lorelei: Sure! C'mon, Puala... Rosie: Call me if you need me. 'Kay, Rosie.Lorelei: Fetch!! Lyons (Caption): In her own yard. You think you can watch a kid every minute. Experienced parents know better. They know that luck is needed, to keep a

Lorelei: Right in the bushes...great! Paula: Yip!! Paula? Lyons (caption): Especially with handicapped want to shield them---and sometimes, just sometimes---despite every precaution---every safeguard--every obsessive protection--Lorelei: Paula? Daddy'll be home in a minute, he won't want you messing with Les' hedges---Paula? Puppy? Lyons (caption):---Sometimes--their luck---runs---out.


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