Lyons (Caption): It didn't work. Lorelei never got beyond third-grade level writing and reading. Lorelei loved one gift... Lorelei: She's mine? Lyons: What'll you call her?  Lorelei: Ummmm...Paula. C'mon, puppy...Paula!Lyons (Caption): That summer, my father died...and unexpectedly left his Atlanta estate to me.  Lyons: Prudence, Les here maintained the estate---gardener, groundskeeper, handyman--- Prudence: We'll keep him on.  Les: Thanks, Ma'am...

Lyons (caption): Summer evenigs were pleasant---martini in hand-- Prudence: Looking good on the hedges, Les!  Les: Thanks, Doc Lyons. Lorelei: Catch me, Paula! Lyons (Caption): Lorelei was happy with Paula, her cocker spaniel...Prudence earned her doctorate...Lyons (caption): I hadn't given up on Lorelei. My job was taking much of my time, but--- Lyons: You three special-ed students will be Lorelei's tutors. Tutor: What a darling!


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