Lyons (Caption): One fateful morning... Prudence: Zeke, it's time for Lorelei's testing... Lyons: Okay...but I still think you're worried about nothing.  Prudence: I...hope you're right...but this way we can be sure.Doctor: Mr. Lyons---Dr. Lyons---Lorelei tests for MR in the mild to moderate range. Lyons: MR? Prudence: Mental retardation, Zeke. Lyons: There---must be a mistake!! Doctor: Sorry. It's pretty conclusive.

Lyons (Caption): It was like Lorelei was robbed--of her---potential.  Lorelei: Daddy's sad...Prudence: Don't take it so hard, Zeke. At least, it wasn't severe... Lyons (caption): I wanted someone to hit. ---To blame.Lyons (caption): So I went in denial...sure I could overcome anything... Lyons: Ready to read, Lorelei? Lorelei: Daddy, it's hard... Lyons: I know. But we have to try.  Lyons (Caption): I wanted to prove the experts...wrong.


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