Mindmistress: Then there's the population chaos...people would demand the three thousand murdered in 9-11 be revived---then the six million Jews slaughtered in the Holocaust---Vicki: Deceased spouses, children...Mindmistress (Caption): The process speeds up entropy---in the immediate area---kililng plants and animals--we could end up doubling the world's population---while devastating the ecology-- damine would be-- inevitable.

Mindmistress (Caption): Or worse---some single corporation could get hold of the process.  Resurrect the rich---counting their profits---while the poor stay in their graves. Pricing...eternity. Selling...immortality.Vicki: What if the government stepped in?  Mindmistress: One government? Then world war starts--after all--who wouldn't kill 'enemy' soldiers--- to bring back loved ones? No. 'Sapient' humanity isn't ready.


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