Vicki: Wait a second---you can bring back to life--anything? Anybody?? Mindmistress: No, I need some remnant--even if it's reidual traces like that fossil. Vicki: JFK? Elvis? Mindmistress: Can---but won't!Mindmistress (Caption): The 'sapient' population will never know about this!  Vicki (Caption): But why--? Mindmistress (Caption): Imagine the Republicans resurrecting Lincoln as their candidate---the Democrats, Washington. Imagine the political chaos...

Mindmistress (Caption): Imagine the religious chaos....most religions claim only they know the secret of life after death---imagine how they'd feel threatened...from televangelist.  Holy World War.Mindmistress: Ironically, the process just recreates---reconstructs---lifeforms hours before their end. They wouldn't remember death--or anything--afterward. Vicki: --But? Mindmistress: Religius zealots wouldn't understand... Vicki: ---But---your mom!! Troy!! Mindmistress: I...know.

You're finding out more about MM's mother, but if you click on that last panel, you can find out more about the "Troy" Vicki mentioned.


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