Caption: We interrupt this flashback... Vicki: Okay...what is that..thing? Mindmistress: So most ambitious achievement. Vicki: What's it do? Mindmistress: It recreates negative entropy bio-processes. Vicki: English, please. Mindmistress: It raised the dead.

No, really...what does it do?Vicki: Wait, you mean like those people who've 'died' only to be revived in hospitals...'dead' only minutes?  Mindmistress: Not...exactly. This is a trilobite fossil, ancient when the dinosaurs were new.  Now--

--Entrop's reversed---and life's a localized state of negative entropy. Once-entangled particles reuinite--studying drops of the life-draining 'Horror's blood gave me clues-- Vicki: Behind you--that plants----Dying--? Yes. There's a calm 'bubble' around us, but entropy's increased further out. But see--? Vicki: You did it!! Mindmstress: Yes. I'll immerse it. The first trilobite--in 300 million years.

If you click on that fifth panel, you can find out more about the "Horror" and the "Sisters of Twilight".


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