Lyons (Caption): Eventually the executives forced the issue.  Cromwell Lyons: The board's decided against me. They're offering me...early retirement. I'll...have to take it.  Lyons: I'm sorry, father.  Cromwell Lyons: No. You're not.Lyons (Caption): I was promoted by the grateful executives. Steed and I could do no wrong.  ---But the most important thing in my life? Lyons: Lorelei...she's so...beautiful.  Prudence: Says the doting father...

Lyons (Caption): My father retired to HiltonHead island. He visited us---and saw his granddaughter, Lorelei---once. Just once. As cold and driven a grandfather--as he was a father.Lyons (Caption): We didn't miss him. But Prudence didn't miss something else... Prudence: I'm worried about Lorelei... Lyons: Why? She's happy, she's healthy...Prudence: Her speech's slow...she's lagging behind... Lyons: She's fine. Prudence: I'm scheduling tests.


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