Lyons: Mr. Sykes? I'm Ezekiel Lyons--- Sykes: Cromwell's youngest? Lyons: Yes. My father doesn't know I'm here. I think you've been done an injustice--a partner and I---want to help.  Sykes: Uh-huh.Lyons: Lt. Minton?  Minton: Yes? Lyons: I was hoing you could help me. Minton: In what way? Lyons: My company supples power sources to NSA field agents---did your 'firm' help with altering documents?

Lyons (Caption): Steed and I paid for the executives' appeals-- Judge: In light of thenew evidence uncovered, your conviction is overturned.  Executive:  Thank you, your honor! Lyons (Caption): We tried to stay hidden--Lyons (Caption): But he knew. He just couldn't prove it.  Cromwell Lyons: Of course.  I'm delighted they've been's...curious...though, how this new evidence came to light.  Lyons: Yes. Very puzzling.  Cromwell Lyons: Hardly.


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