Lyons (caption): After college, my father recruited both Steed and myself. Cromwell Lyons: ...As junior exercutives, our management team is badly understaffed.  Steed: What happened to the old guard? Cromwell: Securities fraud. Hence reorganization's needed.Lyons (Caption): Suspicious of th offer, but elated by the salary...I asked Prudence to marry me. Our honeymoon? Prudence: Venice. I love it...and love you. Lyons: Beats working on a doctoral thesis, right?

Lyons (Caption): Coming back, I heard odd things about the three executives who had been convicted...that they had often opposed my father...that they were major stockholders...I investigated the books....Lyons (Caption): We travelled to Florida one holiday weekend--- and then I told her.  Prudence: So you think your father framed those executives---to get more control.  Lyons: Right. Prudence: Hmmm. Want some advice--?


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