Lyons (caption): At Harvard Business school, I met Dylan Steed, who later became my partner.Steed: Your father sent another watch for your birthday...?  Lyons: 'Use your time wisely, he'd say.  Jerk.Lyons (Caption): I also met Prudence Usher...who was going into neural research.  Prudence: I've also got a distant father...literally. I'm a military brat.  He's captain of a nuclear submarine.  Lyons (Caption): We got to...

Lyons (Caption): ...Know each other...better. Her mid was even more beautiful and supple than her body.  Her 'afterplay' was explaining...the slit-screen experiment...Fermi's paradox...the mind-body problem....Lyons (Caption): Somehow, with was oddly...erotic. The most brilliant woman I ever met...well...almost the most brilliant. Funny how my life has often been changed by women of... brilliance.

If you click on the first panel, it will take you to the first appearance of Dylan Steed, Lyons' former partner...also known to some as Tidal Wave. If you click on the second panel, it will take you to the first appearance of Prudence Usher Lyons...Lorelei's(and MM's) mother, and the reason there's a Mindmistress in the first place.


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