Lyons (caption):Cromwell Lyons was a rich older man when Iw as born. I remember him as a distant, cold tyrant.  Cromwell Lyons: Ezekiel. Your grades are...mediocre. Your allowance's halved.  Lyons: Sorry, Daddy...Lyons (Caption):  I was the youngest of six children.  My siblings were shipped to the best boarding schools. I only saw them at Christmas...or spring break. Sister:'s school, Zeke. Lyons: S'okay.

Lyons (Caption): My mom---Rita Lyons-- was much younger than my Dad. Rita Lyons: Ummm-mmmm!! Lyons (Caption): Her other children were sent away by my uncaring father. Lyons: Mommy... Lyons: She wasn't going to lose her youngest.Lyons (Caption): Mom was as warm as Dad was cold...dying in my late allergic reaction to a snakebite. I sometimes saw her compassion reflected in Lorelei.  Lorelei: Ooooo...puppy!


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