Lorelei (caption): I also have to talk about...Troy. Troy Alexander. We'd known eech other sinse we were kids in speshul ed classes together. Six foot five. Log eyelashes like a girl. Shy as a deer. Troy was awtistik. Non-verbul. He couldn't say a word...Lorelei (Caption): Yet he was smart too. He loved puzzels. Lorelei: A two thousand piece puzzle solved in twenty minutes? Wow.

Lorelei (Caption): Wen he was mad---at anithing... Lorelei: Oh, Troy...please...don't bite...yourself...  Lorelei (Caption): You couldn't stop him. If you tryed, he just got madar and madar...and when you finilly let go--he'd bite so hard, he'd draw blud... Lorelei (Caption): The docktors said it was 'end-doh-morfins'--?---kicking in. He didn't feel the payn---not rite then...untul later, he'd start crying---and--- Lorelei: You want me to kiss it, Troy? Sure. Lorelei (Caption): ---And make it all better.


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