Latur, in the Poleece Hedqwarters' parking lot...detektive Percee Lovelace was heading home to his wife...Mindmistress: Evening, Detective Lovelace. Lovelace: Yiiii!!! That 'cloud men's minds' stuff to make y ou pop in like a ghost gives me the willies! Mindmistress: I came to ask what you've heard about the probation of Wolfgang March---aka Bloodlust.

Lovelace: Yeah---something spooky about that... Mindmistress: Bribery? Blackmail? Lovelace: Dunno...all I hear is some looker appeared before the board and whammo!---March is a free man.Lovelace: Her name's Michelle Dove, a former flame of March's. She was... Mindmistress: Michelle Dove? The once famous but temperamental supermodel nicknamed 'Moodswing' by the taboids. She now is a businesswoman---thanks! 'Bye. Lovelace:'re welcome?


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