Parole Board member: It's hard to believe we're even considering you for probation, Mr. March... Another member: But your sister has a lot of influence...from the Vice-President on down....  Bloodlust: I appreciate the Board's concerns and the hearing you're giving me...Bloodlust: As an antiterrorism expert, despite my---mistakes--- Moodswing: Gentlemen and ladies---about Mr. March's possible probation--- Parole Board member: Hel-lo!  Bloodlust: Ah! Let me introduce a business partner---and a very close--personal--friend...

Parole Board member: Wow. Did we just vote to release a homicidal maniac? Another member: What did she do? She's pretty, but...all of a sudden, it was like we had to agree with her...Bloodlust: It worked, Babe! In a week, I'm outta here. Moodswing: Yes, but you owe me. I have a job for  you. Bloodlust: You got it. Lorelei (Caption): Just in case you were wonduring how bludlust for free---and that lady's emportent.


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