Les: If you scream...or even talk---I'll kill you. Understand? No answer? Good. Into this gardening shed...this is all your grandfather's fault, you know...that I'm kidnapping you.Les: Aaaaahhh...good ol' duct tape...y'know Cromwell Lyons hired me when no one else would...despite the suspicions--despite the disappearance of---Amy--Mellissa--Rachel---hinted I'd inherit something.

Les: Instead, the estate I worked on--was left to the son who betrayed him. Is that fair? I'm not family, but I expected something in his will...Les: Well, this kidnapping will get me a fortune---but first---fn. I can't really return you to identify me...I can't let you live--so we might as well--

Lyons (Caption): When you're a parent---evena  momentary childish scream as you're getting out of your car---brings you running. Les: Uh! Lorelei: Daddy--? Lyons: Lorelei, run to the house!!


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