Lyons (Caption): Here I sit...lost in my own memories...waiting to testify...I' waiting. Guard: The parole board's ready for you, Mr. Lyons.  Lyons: Good. Let's get this over with.Lyons: This---filth--kidnapped a child---demanding a ransom---with no intention of returning her unharmed--instead, he intended to molest her---then murder her. Parole? Hah!!

Parole Board Chairman: As brutal as his crimes were, Les Kidman has been a model prisoner...we cannot justify extending his incarceration. Les: Thank you, sir. Lyons: I respectuflly request you reconsider... Chairman: No. Parole is granted.Guard: So...what'll you do? Les: Do? Do. It's such a large word. The possibilities are...endless. I'm...good with...growing things.  Young...budding...things. I'll be fine.


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