Lorelei: What's wrong, Daddy? I was at the parole board today...trying to keep Les Kisman in prison. I failed.  Lorelei: They let Les out?? ---And they call me retarded...Lyons (caption): If only Prudence were here...but I lost her...because of a fly. After having too many drinks, a driver was weaving home...when a horsefly flew in his face...

Lyons (caption): His steering wheel jerked---right into the path of the late-working Prudence's car. There were no survivors. Prudence died instantly. The other's last words were about the fly.Lorelei: Daddy---? Leo drove me from the group home...is Mom---? Lyons: She's gone, Lorelei. Gone.  Lyons (caption): ...And left us both...so alone.


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