Lyons (caption): Now Les Kidman is loose...and Lorelei's nightmares may start again.  ...But I don't think he'll be focusing on her any more. He liked...youngsters.Les: Hey. Girl: 'Lo. Les: I've lost my dog. Have you seen 'em?  Girl: What's he look like? Lotsa dogs run by... Les: Let me show you his picture. Girl: 'Kay.

Les: C'mere! Yell, and you're dead... Girl: My ball--!! Lyons(caption): It boils my blood to think of him out there---ready to prey on some child--Lyons (caption): I should've bribed a parole board member. I should've had him killed in prison. Did my father realize...what Kidman was? ...Hate me so much...endangering his own granddaughter?


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