Lorelei: Les...free.  I useta have nightmares 'bout him...what he was gonna do t'me...what he did...t'Paula. --And he's out there? ---Could be anywhere? Anytime...waiting...Lorelei: Les Kidman free...but there's someone I can free...someone who can lick a dozen like Les... MM: Uh!! Lorelei did the smart thing...for once.

Vicki: What's got you all hot and bothered?  Mindmistress: Idiots who let loose a piranha---in a school of goldfish---for 'good behavior'. Vicki: Huh?  Mindmistress: They. Let. Les. Kidman. Free.Vicki:  Oh. I 'see' his record.   I didn't know you were almost.... Mindmistress:  Lorelei's worried, but she needn't be.  He's only interested in.... little girls.  That's why he must be stopped.


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