Mindmistress: Out! Les: Uff! Cromwell Lyons (Caption): Our family lost everything in the Great Depression.  My father took to drink.  I had to help him home...while everyone was laughing at us...at him.Les:  Yahhhhh!! Cromwell Lyons (caption): My mother cleaned toilets as a maid. Drunk Dad was a laughingstoke. I swore to myself that I'd become a success...that nobody'd laugh at my family...again.

Mindmistress: Eyahh!! My eyes--- Les: Pepper Spray. Cromwell Lyons (Caption): I struggled to become a success--pushed myself hard---as I pushed my children--to be the best. --Even you, Ezekiel.Cromwell Lyons (caption): I have six children---twelve grandchildren---all able to bear under life's crushing blows--seeing clearly their responsibilities--and then there's... Lorelei.></a></td></tr></TABLE><p><br>
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