Cromwell Lyons (Caption): Lorelei---whose memory is weak--who can't anticipate what's coming. Les Kidman was another problem. A natural son of a fraternity brother--a dangerous and disturbed one.Les:  Uhh! How--? Cromwell Lyons (caption): After his father's death--we tried to take care of Kidman--but we often had to move fast---to dodge the legal consequences of his sick...tendencies.

Mindmistress: Give me that!! Les: Ow! Cromwell Lyons (Caption): I hired Kidman as a gardner, to keep him out of trouble. But it was hopeless. Sooner or later...he'd be overcome---and executed.Cromwell Lyons (caption): Since Kidman's capture was inevitable--why not use one embarassment to solve...another? Our family 'chain' 's weakest I left my estate--and Kidman--to you--and Lorelei.></a></td></tr></TABLE><p><br>
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