Les Kidman: Eyahhh!! Huh? Where---? Cromwell Lyons (Caption): I'm not a monster. Think of Lorelei's life---how others will look down at her. A lyons tends to rise above...but Lorelei can't.Mindmistress: Oops.  Your chain's entangled on my staff---  Cromwell Lyons (caption): Suppose you were faced with losing half your intellect---or dying? I know you. You'd choose death. Many would.

Mindmistress: But I can think of better uses for that chain-- Cromwell Lyons (Caption): Lorelei's unable to decide---so I'm deciding for her. It's merciful, really. Correcting one mistake of nature--with another.Les: Wh-who ---are-- you?? Cromwell Lyons (caption): Billions of people in the world...is one more child really important? Mindmistress: Someone who better find an unharmed little girl in that shed...for your sake.></a></td></tr></TABLE><p><br>
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