Reporter: Mrs. Lucas? Tess Lucas? Tess: *Sigh* And you're the reporter from the Journal-Constitution's Financial section? Reporter: Yes. Danielle Solomon. We're doing an article on Byrne Smith. Tess: ...And his recovery?Reporter: I've read what few articles there are about him...the Forbes magazine half-a-page sidebar, page 34, January 2002...the Wall Street Journal, March 14, 2003, page 3...

I could quote...verbatim..his who's who entry..
but that's not...him.  Tess: My you...certainly did your research, didn't you? Yes, I was his phsyical therapist---before that terrible fall.Mindmistress/reporter: Tell me more. Smith: Interesting. The hidden camera shows an oddly-armored woman---but Tess obviously sees an ordinary reporter. This...'Mindmistress'...gambles that I won't blow up


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