don't know where Smith got the belt's materials from? How it was made? Bloodlust: You kidding? March Munitons tried hiring Miraculous Consulting. No go. He despises my guts.Bloodlust: As far as he's concerned, I can rot in jail... Smith: Until you talk too much---that tiny chip of Phoebium is under his bunk---eavescropping--let's expose the Phoebium--

Bloodlust: Eyaahh!! Mindmistress: Unhhh!! Smith: --Phoebium stores energy from the neutrinoes that pass through it and all matter--stores it for years---and releases it explosively--when exposed to oxygen--one bloodthirsty loverboy less.Mindmistress: Ooooh...I was out for mintues---only the VDF protected me from the blast...did bloodlust die? I see...remains...or...did the VDF's proximity shield him...and he ran?

Click on the last panel to learn more about the VRF---the Velocity Redirection Field--which is her greatest defense.

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