Bloodlust (Caption): When I finished the Civil War's resistance... Moodswing: Wolf...he's gone. Bloodlust: Good. C'mere... Moodswing: This belt...he said it was made of 'unique elements.' I'm...Empress of emotions now...except my own.Mindmistress: *Sigh* Bloodloss. Get to the point!! Bloodlust: Volunteers had tried the belt---disastriously. Moodswing's empathy was the key to using the belt safely---Smith's belt---without driving others---mad---or suicidal.

Bloodlust (Caption): We didn't get very far... Bloodlust: Okay--who booby-trapped this bed?? Smith: I did---with a sticky polymer I developed. You can't get out---till I dissolve it. Moodswing: Congratulations. Think you've humilated me enough?Bloodlust (Caption): The divorce was inevitable-- Smith: I still love you--- Moodswing: Without trusting me. Smith: I'm fool enough to let you keep the belt --or rare and irreplacable elements---even by my standards. Moodswing: how....generous.


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