Bloodlust: Smith? 'Miraculous' Smith? The gimp? Yeah, I could see two do work the same side of the street...hah! I'm the reason Moodswing's his ex. Mindmistress: Explain.Bloodlust (Caption): Moodswing an' I were hot an' heavy for a while---then I left, to eliminate a cival war's resistence. Not knowing someone was waiting--watching her--hungrily. Yearningly. Insistently.

Bloodlust(Caption): Moodswing was swayed by emotions then, rather than contorlling them...he wanted her. Badly. He was short--squat--ugly--partially crippled--yet soon--they were married---almost--despite herself.Bloodlust (Caption): But he could grant---her heart's desire. SHe told him of her empathic abilities. His company develped a belt out of exotic materials--to control others' emotions.


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