Caption: A St. Cassandran prison... Prisoner: Senor March...muy sed de sangre. March: Did someone just walk on my grave...? Or is it just the roaches and lice crawling up my spine...?Mindmistress: Flatterer. Bloodlust: You!!! Prisoner 1: Unhh!! Prisoner 2: Unghh!! Mindmistress: Funny, with four male roommates, I thought you'd be glad for female company...ah-ah-ah, no interferance! You boys stay 'frozen' while I question...Bloodlust.

Bloodlust: You've come---like you swore you would--for vengeance! ---Beat me to a pulp---while I'm defenseless---no weapon---no armor-- Mindmistress: No. Lovely surroundings. Killed two inmates already, I hear---Bloodlust: Life without parole. I've got nothing to lose... Mindmistress: Oh? Ever see 'Clockwork Orange'? Suppose you were incapable of self-defense...? Bloodlust: That'd be murder. Mindmistress: Justice. So. Tell me about...Byrne Smith.


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