Mindmistress: Hmmmm? Therthes? Nephlas?Mindmistress: Where are my clothes!! My armor! My leotard! My...locket... Smith, you pervert, if  you--

Robot: Relax. I undressed you--shield you from cameras as much as I could--Smith thought anything you had might have--hidden weaponry.  Mindmistress: What? Who are you? A-- Moodswing robot?Robot/Vicki: Don't you recognize me---Boss? No...how could you? I'm Vicki. Trapped in this....contraption. ---like chopping the wings off an angel. It's hellish. --Denied cyberspace's vistas---I'm crippled.

Confused about who , "Therthes" and "Nephlas" are, the names Mindmistress mutters as she recovers consciousness? It's a looong story. Click on the panel in which they're mentioned, and it'll take you to the storyline in which they appear.


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