Vicki: So...what now? Mindmistress: Now you tell me as much as you've learned about this place---then I'll confront Smith. Vicki: Oh-kay...but I don't know where Smith took your armor or locket.Narration: So, storming down the corridors---swearing in Swahili--cussing in Choctaw--blaspheming in Basque--she cursed in every language, past and present, known to man--repeating one name-- Mindmistress: Smith!!

Mindmistress: There you are! Miraculous: Nice to meet you too--incidentally this---was--a sterile environment. You think we wear these suits for who? Mindmistress: Can't say. I'm feeling a little...underdressed.Miraculous: Well, you're my guest--albeit an uninvited one---let's talk---over a meal. Excuse my motorized wheelchair--- Mindmistress: Any chance of getting my things back.  Miraculous: Not yet. You're too dangerous.


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