Ummm. Smells good. Personal chef? Miraculous: Being successful has its advantages--now--you trespassed on private property--you're a wanted felon by the American goverment--why shouldn't I turn you in?Mindmistress: Because I'd tell them of your miraculous metals and elements, maybe? Miraculous: Touche. Mindmistress: You going to eat with your mask on? Miraculous: Maybe I should leave. Unmasked, I'm...unappetizing.

Mindmistress:  Oh, please...most women I know are disappointed when the Beast in 'Beauty and the Beast' turns into a handsome prince... Miraculous: Very well. It is...unfortable...and I'm hungry...Miraculous: So--? Mindmistress: Big deal. How many plastic surgeries have you had? Miraculous: Twenty-six. You should have seen me...before. But I'm reaching the 'Michael Jackson' limit---any more--bones collapse.


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