Miraculous: So...you're really not...disgusted? Mindmistress: What? No. You've made  some remarkable aschievements. I am curious, though... Miraculous: About the elements I use--? Well, for example, this installation's made of Achillium....Miraculous: Several drillshafts anchor this building. Achillium has a fifty million degree melting point, withstands incredible impact...even an atom bomb...would only cause us to shut windows, close doors.

Mindmistress:  But how could you shape such an impenetrable metal? How'd you find--? Miraculous: Why should I tell you?? Mindmistress: Because--I think you're dying to tell someone. Someone who--understands.Miraculous (caption): How'd  you know--? Nevermind. Tw3enty years I was a nearly-graduated petroleum engineer checking ore samples on a volcanic island... Miraculous: What is this strange metallic ore?


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