Miraculous (Caption): Delving deeper, we found....artifacts. Artifacts eight to ten thousand years old. Older than Ur and Babylon. Of elements unknown to science.  My workers started an archeological dig.Miraculous (Caption): They brought treasures upon treasure aboard my shipboard geology lab... Miraculous: There's some sort of crystalline scepter in that casket? Archeologist: Yes, Mr. Smith. Quite beautiful-- Sailor: Watch out! The ship's pitching--!

Miraculous: The casket! No! Handler: Look out! Sailor: No! Miraculous (caption): I sent divers looking for that casket--but they never found it. My mother's company owned that island...'worthless rock' they called it.Miraculous (caption): Instead I had a wall of priceless artifacts--clues to an unsuspected civilization that disappeared long before the first pharoah. Made of element unique in all creation.

If you want to find out what happened to the casket---or rather, the scepter in it, when it broke open---click on the third panel, for the first appearance of the scepter and the storyline in which it appeared..


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