Mindmistress: I'll fill you in on that scepter---but I'm more interested in the origin of 'your' elements.  Miraculous: Picture a planet in a double-star system---when one star goes...supernova.Miraculous: Supernova forge the higher elements. Even the Big Bang only formed hydrogen and helium. Gold...uranium...silver...all forged in supernovae.  Even some transuranic elements---however short-lived.

MindmistressL Let me guess--one supernova raises the other's temperature---causing it to supernova--the planet's flooded with higher elements---including transuranic ones---beyond any human-produced---a solar-system-sized cyclotron.Miraculous The world, supernova-bombarded, shatters---most trans-uranic elements decay in a few seconds---scientists theorize an 'island of stability' past atomic number 125--the worldlets are 'plated' with these stable, higher elements.


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