Mindmistress: So one sizable fraction of that shattered world eventually hits earth--laced with elements from the first and second 'islands of stability'. Achillium's incredibly high melting point protecting it--Miraculous: Hitting the mid-Atlantic, these elements are too heavy to scatter in a cloud---although trace elements may have caused the 'ring of fire' of volcanoes on the continent--

Miraculous (caption): This happened a million years ago, just before the first of four ice ages---990,000 years later, some canoing primitives found volcanic isles---with minerals and metals unknown elsewhere.Miraculous (caption): For two thousand years, they stayed, ushering in metalworking--around Eight Thousand B.C., the volcanoes became active--the inhabitants fled---Plato's Atlantis? Its metal orichalium? Perhaps...jumbled, distorted memories.


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