Mindmistress: I'm astounded these archeologists with you let you suppress these discoveries-- Miraculous: Employees or not--they thought I was sitting on the greatest discovery since Schliemann discovered Troy--still--Miraculous (caption): But most of them died--incinerated--when digging, exposing a vein of phoebium to oxygen for the first time. The same neutrino-powered substance I employed against--Bloodlust.

Miraculous: My disability was the only reason I wasn't with them. Ironic... Mindmistress: I was nearly killed in Bloodlust's blast too-- Miraculous: I'm---glad--you survived. Wars are fought over gold--oil--Miraculous: Imagine how the world's nations would fight--lives lost--over these unique--irreplacable--elements? I've done a lot---but I need help. A...parnter. Incredibly intelligent. Inhumanly wise. Mindmistress: What?


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