Searcher1: It's a good thing these suits are self-cooling---or the heat, the humidity, would be unbearable. Now, if we can just find-- Searcher2: Look! Isn't that her?!Searcher1: Yeah, must be---or else they're having mud wrestling championships around here---okay, lady, come with us---Lady? Lady, you're not in a position to ignore us--

Searcher1: Gyahh!! Oh. It's not her--just some sort of mud/clay sculpture--for a second there--when I reached through her--I thought--so--where is she--? Searcher2: Well--Searcher2: --She's here. Help?  Mindmistress: Don't move. You always wear protective suits--I noticed dangerous waste containers to be hauled away---I dipped a sharp stick in one--let's talk.


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