Smith:Smith: You!! Searcher1: She was going to rip our suits---scratch us with Nessium residue! Searcher2: We'd have died in seconds! Smith: --Instead you told all you knew--about the new elements!

Mindmistress: Ver informative--especially the way they molded the Achillium--but I need an ally---and here's one a'hatching--thanks to inborn accelerated aging.Mindmistress: Welcome to life...little one...Lorelei always dreamed of calling a son...Eric. Welcome to existence...Eric.

Go to THE EXTENDED PERIODIC TABLE OF THE ELEMENTS for speculation on the elements in the "island of stability" theorists have proposed. I borrowed part of one image for the first panel---apologies to the original website and creators. They speculated that above atomic number 200, there probably are no stable elements---but since this is speculation without much evidence, I theorized, for story purposes, that there is another "island of stability" starting in the atomic number 220s.

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