Smith: I'll send you doppelgangers out to search for her--except you, Vicki. Vicki: Smart move. Smith: Pandorium crystals grow and---just like photographic films mimic light--mimic living, moving beings.Smith: There's a steel plate in my skull--which has been modified to interface with this device. With it--I can control or monitor any of my devices.

Smith:They can search the swamps tirelessly...until she's found. I will see everything they their every movement...without her armor, they'll easily overpower her. Eric: Mommy--why don't the golden ladies realizzze---we'll jussst move in--where they jussst sssearched? Mindmistress: One day old. Wow. Because a human mind controls them, Eric--- limited. Methodical. Predictable. 'Sapient'.


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