Smith: A whole day searching---and no sign of her? Robot: Well-- there's an entire---fresh---gnawed---alligator skeleton. The blood's just recently dried---as if-- Smith: --Something very hungry came by. Bizarre.Mindmistress: --And tha'ts the Illiad's end. I'll rest a bit, Eric--while you hunt.  Eric: WE're in---a war--with Ssssmith? Mindmistress: Yes. Like the Greeks retrieving Helen---we'll reclaim what Smith's stolen!

Smith: Three days she's eluded me! Without weapons. Without technology. She's forced my assistants to spill all they knew-- Vicki: Give up, Smith. Smith: Hah! You wish, Vicki! Vicki: *Sigh* You're--running scared.Smith: What? Vicki: Moodswing nearly made Cheney her puppet---she's hunted almost as much as Bin Ladin. You're afraid someone will link you to her--expose your secrets, ergo--- Smith: ---Needing Mindmistress.


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