Employee: Sir...the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security came by with warrents---and took away many of our computers and files--- Smith: So. The noose tightens. Soon they'll know...everything.Mindmistress:Okay, you're three days old...growing like crazy...devouring everyting in sight--one more day, and you'll be big enough. Is the plan clear? Eric: Cryssstal. More poetry, pleassse.

Smith: I hate to do this---a fusion reactor, a talosium framework maintaining a magnetic 'bottle-skin'--under my interface's control--a magnetic field hundreds of times stronger than any other known to man--Smith: The framework telescopes--growing to huge proportions--magnetic fields keep heat in--but can burn or melt anything---even generate an emp burst--Chernoble. Vicki: A Hatrid wannabe. Smith: Huh? Vicki--?

Click on the fourth panel if you want to see the first appearance of Hatrid, the source of the "Hatrid wannabe" crack of Vicki's.

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