Eric: Up!  Mindmistress: *Groan* I need only two hours sleep...he would strike now. Eric: Yesterday'sss ablazzze, flames licking across today...and smoke obssscouresss tomorrow. Mindmistress: ...You and your poetry. Doug Tanoury.Smith: Excellent. By releasing a tiny amount of Chernoble's heat, this stream turns to stream, then mist--shielding this entire area from prying satellite orbital eyes.

Mindmistress: A humanoid fusion reactor--causing tons of fog. Perfect. You slither on--follow the plan. I'll distract it--I've had experience dealing with these. Eric: Experienccce? How--? Mindmistress: Looong story, Eric.Smith: Ahhhh, there you are! This is Smith, controlling this being of magnetism and plasma. Meet...Chernoble. Mindmistress: *Sigh* Couldn't resist an awful pun, could you, Smith? Let's do it.


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