Smith: Arrogant. Magnificent.  Mindmistress: I bet you say that to all the strip, coerce, and steal from.  Eric: An admirer---ssshe walksss in beauty, like the night, of cloudlessss climesss and ssstarry ssskies--Eric (Caption): --And all that'sss besst of dark and bright---meetsss in her assspect--and her eyess. Smith: We could do so much--toether. Remake the world-- Mindmistress: Not interested, Smith.

Mindmistress: As for your fusion boytoy... Smith:Ooooh, an old tin can! I'm so panic-stricken... Eric: One ssshade the more, one ray the lesss...had half impair'd the nameless gracce...Eric: --Which bears in every raven tresss, or sssoftly lightens o'er her faccce, where thoughtsss ssserenely sssweet expressss how pure, how dear, their dwelling place. Ahhhh, that Byron.


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