Mindmistress: Just a tin can---filled with indigestibles from Eric's ravenous binges--rusty fish hooks, nails, screws-- Smith:Who's Eric? Mindmistress: He's the reason I'm hoarse--reciting poetry--from memory--for him.Smith: Screws and fishhooks against a walking hydrogen bomb--who can set fire to this nearby tree--with a touch? Mindmistress: Threats are empty--if you won't follow through. You need me.

Mindmistress: *Ungh* I really, really, really miss my armor... Smith: Your 'superior intellect'  has obviously blown a fuse. What's next, water balloons? Are y ou trying to destablize the magnetic field?Smith: This is the most controlled, powerful magnetic field on Earth!  It's like trying to put out a volcano with a drop of water! Mindmistress: Ohhhh, this is just...phase one.


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