Smith: You bluff well---but it remains a bluff.  Worker1: Look! Isn't that the lady who humiliated us? Worker2: Yeah. Get her, SMith! Fry her to a golden brown!Worker1: Anyway---now that we've rolled out these Nessium waste barrels, let's get back in-- Worker2: .... Notice how quiet it's gotten? The crickets stopped chirping--nightbirds ceased calling---as if--

Eric: Ssssss!!! Like one that on a lonesssome road, doth walk in fear and dread--and having onccce turned round, walksss on, and turnsss no more hisss head--  Worker2: Gyaaahhh!!! Worker1: What--?Eric:---Becaussse he knowsss a frightful fiend doth clossse behind him tread--Coelridge. Ah-ah! Too ssslow! Didn't my mistressss confiscate your other sssteropium pistol? Sssomething ssshe's using now... Worker1: Mama.


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